Food Prep

Automated HACCP Food-Prep Labels

Prep-Pal is a low-cost label-printing foodrotation management system that eliminates messy/inaccurate food-prep labels.

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Food Temp

Intelligent HACCP Food Thermometer

Temp-Taker is an intelligent thermometer that replaces the handwriting of food temperatures with a fast digital solution.

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Integrated Food-Safety Solutions

Food-Safety Stations integrate functionality into a self-contained professional all-in-one solution.

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Remote Monitoring

Universal Food Monitoring Solution

Temp-Cloud offers 24/7 wireless monitoring solution for your refrigerators, coolers, and freezers.

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Parts / Accessories

All Suppporting Parts & Accessories

Spare parts, Printer Spools, Temp-Taker® 3 Probe, Immersion Probes, Sanitizing Tubes, Printer Cleaning Cards & more.

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Labels / Supplies

Labels, Removable & Dissolvable

Lables for Prep-Pal™ and all other food prep equipment, Hand write, Deli, Day of the Week, Removable & Dissolvable.

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Welcome to ITD Food Safety

Innovative Technologies by Design, Inc specializes in creating solutions to simplify food safety management.

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Our Customers Include:
Chick fil A Testimonial

  • We have been using Prep Pal 3, and Temp Taker 3 for just a few months. Already see huge benefits in our tracking of temps and out of date items. As we mature in the use it will become more and more effective. I highly recommend the product.
    Rocky DeStefano, Chick-fil-A, Clermont, Florida
  • It's a lifesaver. It saves a lot of time. It helps keep everything organized, helps productivity, and tremendously helps avoid food waste. My favorite part is the amount of time it saves as opposed to writing the labels.
    Brandy, Manager of Subway #144450 in Bonham, TX

  • We have had the Prep-Pal now for 6 months and all of our employees love it! It saves about 30-45 minutes a day of hand writing labels for all of our products. We also recently had a visit from our field consultant from McDonalds corporation and she commented on how much our secondary shelf life's scores have improved! Thanks Prep-Pal!!!!!!
    Matthew Ford, McDonalds in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • It helps with productivity, food cost, reducing food waste. It makes it faster to make up labels than by hand. It has helped out a lot, easier to use. It's not hard to figure out and it makes prep go by fast.
    Taryn, Manager of Subway #1247 in Huntsville, TX