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Temp-Taker™ - HACCP Digital Food Temperature Thermometer

The Temp-Taker is a proven, simplified, paperless HACCP Digital Temperature Thermometer data recording and reporting solution for the food service industry. Temp-Taker is the best way to prevent food borne illnesses and insure the quality and safety of the food your establishment serves.

ITD advanced food temperature management products reduce human error and can drastically improve your current HACCP temperature management processes.

Temp-Taker 3

Temp Taker™ 3 Kit

NEW! Temp-Taker 3 software offers options never before seen in a professional temperature data management device.

• Customizable temp-taking programs
• Safe temperature zones
• Corrective options
• False Measurement Detection
• PIN enabled security

Mold Temp-Taker 3™ into your perfect paperless HACCP solution today!

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Temp-Taker 2

Temp Taker™ 2 Kit

Stop handwriting HACCP Data Logs today! Temp-Taker 2 is the professional paperless HACCP solution.

• Customize with your unique menu plan
• Store thousands of temperatures easily
• Download temp data to PC
• Simplify HACCP reporting

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