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Temp-Taker® 3

Automated HACCP Food Safety Solution

Temp-Taker 3 is the answer to automating any food service temperature plan. The intelligent handheld delivers lightning fast temperatures and uniquely customizable options for recording, displaying and correcting temperatures and checklists.

HACCP Made Easy!
  1. Take & Record Temps
  2. Upload Data
  3. Review your Report
Ready, Set, Take Temps!
  • Hot & Cold Holding
  • Cooking
  • Reheat & Cool Down
  • Dish Machine
  • Ice Bath Calibration
  • Cooler & Freezer
  • Dry Storage
  • Receiving
  • Food Transportation Log
  • Production Log
  • YES/NO Checklists
  • Survey Questions

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Temperature Recording Cost Comparison*

150 Temps/Day at $8.05/hr.

Manual Recording

2 hrs/day = 14 hrs/week

$112.70 weekly cost

Temp-Taker 3

40 mins/day = 5 hrs/week

$37.59 weekly cost

* Comparison of 150 temperatures taken daily with an employee rate of $8/hr.

Approximate cost savings using Temp-Taker 3

$3,700 per year

At a Glance
  • Hot & Cold Holding, Cooking, Cool Down & Reheat Temps, Walk-in & Reach-in Coolers, Freezer, Receiving, Milk Box, Dry Storage, Dish Machine & Ice Bath Calibration
  • 2,000 food-item storage capacity (on handheld)
  • Stores at least 6,000 temperature, checklist, and security events before needing to upload data to a computer
  • Stores up to 250 users and PINs (if enabled)
  • Logs up to 17 different parameters per event (e.g. User Name, Date, Time, Food Item, Equipment, Temperature Reading, and Corrective Action Taken)
  • Maintains 21-day event-counter history to help supervisors monitor worker activity
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty*
  • NIST Traceable
Why Temp-Taker?
  • Lightning-fast temperature measurements (using proprietary predictive algorithm and temperature stability detection)
  • Customizable Safe-Temperature Zones, assign limits & corrective options
  • False-Measurement Detection
  • Require PIN to Log In’ feature (when enabled)
  • Customizable HACCP-Question Checklists
  • Flexible Alarm Features with audio/visual indication using buzzer & bright 3-color LED
  • Large temperature-reading display
  • Automates Time in Lieu of Temperature Policies (i.e. Time as a Public Health Control)
  • Prints reports, generates PDFs, and exports to Excel
  • Enhanced ‘Calendar Programs’ Interface (simplifies maintenance of cyclic-occurring food menus)
  • User-configurable Alarms, Countdown Timer, and Stopwatch features
  • Highly customizable & filterable data viewer with powerful ‘Group Related Events’ feature
  • Integrated Magnets & Mounting Features
  • Fast Response Penetration Probe
  • Integrated Probe Storage Compartment that’s easy to clean

 Temp-Taker Product Quick ReferenceTemp-Taker 3 Specifications


Software Overview
Temp-Taker 3 Software Overview

Corrective Actions

The handheld device offers Corrective Options when the measured temperature of an item is Out of Range (i.e. outside the expected safe zone). These options are defined in the Corrective Options tab (shown in the figure below).

Common default options are already provided. New options can be added and revisions made at any time.

corrective actions

Create Custom Checklists - Yes/No & Surveys

The Temp-Taker 3 handheld can be set up to answer yes/no questions. Some common HACCP questions are already provided (see figure below). New questions can be added and revisions made at any time. Note that questions must be assigned to one or more ‘Checklists’. Each Checklist is essentially a group (or list) of questions.

custom checklists

Take Temps - In-Range

The Temp-Taker 3 uses a proprietary temperature-stability detection algorithm to determine when the temperature of the probe’s tip has sufficiently stabilized before producing the temperature reading. This contributes toward generating fast/accurate Temps.

The figure below shows how to take In-Range Temps. If the measured temperature is within the established safe zone, an In-Range event is generated and the event details are saved into non-volatile memory (i.e. memory that requires no battery power to preserve data). At this point the device is ready to Temp another item.

in range temps

Take Temps - Out-of-Range

Appropriate Corrective Options are provided according to the product being measured and the circumstances in which the product was measured (e.g. if it’s an initial Temp or if the Temp was taken after corrective action had been performed).

The figure below shows what happens when a Temp is Out of Range. Here the QUICK CHILL option was selected. This initiated a 30-minute Corrective Session (customizable in Corrective Options tab) in which the user must follow through on the corrective action and then re-take the product’s Temp under the Main Menu icon ‘Corrective Sessions’.

out of range

Report Generation

 Enter appropriate page title/subtitle fields and select the default page layout in the Settings>Printing tab (see figure below).

report setup

Export Data

To help you find the data you need quickly, Temp-Taker provides Day, Week, Month, and Custom view-scope options (see figure below). It also has a data filter and a text search feature on the bottom left corner of the print preview window.

The default fiscal week setting is Sunday through Saturday. If your fiscal week is different, make sure to change it in the Settings>View tab. The week scope is governed by this setting.

Export Data

Virtual Product Demo (video)

Temp-Taker 3 PC Software and Device Firmware Updates

ITD Food Safety is committed to providing the best paperless HACCP solution in the industry. It has worked tirelessly to enhance the PC software and device firmware for its 3rd generation Temp-Taker product since it was first released back in April 11, 2013. The latest version is available for all Temp-Taker 3 users to download free of charge.

The PC software also includes the latest device firmware code available at the time of release. So updating your PC software will automatically provide you with the latest firmware code for your handheld devices. No separate utility or download is required. For more information, see the following document:

If you’re running version 3.5 or later, the PC software application automatically checks for updates via the Internet every time the app is started. However, if you’re running a version prior to 3.5, then you’ll need to manually download and install the latest update available (see link below). This update will work for all editions of the Temp-Taker software (General Edition, Subway Edition, and SFTP Edition).

Highlights of recent features and enhancements (since Dec 2014):
  • New ‘Report Templates’ feature allow the saving of up to 20 customized report templates
  • New ‘Auto-Report’ feature provides the following options:
    • Generate PDF reports immediately after every data upload from device
    • Generate PDF reports every day; time of day can be set by user
    • Generate PDF reports every fiscal week; week day and time can be set by user
    • Generate PDF reports every month; day-of-month and time can be set by user
  • Auto-generated PDF reports (described earlier) can be based on multiple Report Templates
  • Auto-generated PDF reports may be set to auto-email and/or auto-save to a network folder; This also applies to cloud-storage folders (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive) installed on a local machine or in a network location
  • New Auto-Update Settings feature allows organizations with multiple locations to remotely update the Temp-Taker settings in all their locations
  • Custom answers may now be entered for each checklist question; Up to 10 different answers may be entered for each question
  • New Cooling feature automates tracking of the cooling process for hot & room-temperature food items following HAACP guidelines; provides reminder alarms and corrective option features
  • New Cooking feature adds the 5th HACCP process to the Temp-Taker lineup. See the following descriptive table of all 5 processes:

A detailed history of enhancements is available for your review.

Temp-Taker® 3 Probe

Standard probe used in Temp-Taker® 3 handheld unit; Fast-response, NIST traceable, K-Type thermocouple penetration probe with male mini connector; 4" x 0.125" (102mm x 3.2mm) diameter shaft reducing to 0.059" (1.5mm) near the tip; SS 304/316 sheath; Coil cord 6.5" (156mm) long in relaxed position, stretches up to 4' (1.2m); PVC jacket diameter 0.15" (3.8mm); Delrin handle 1¾" (44.5mm) long, SS spring strain relief; Probe tip temperature range -58°F to 572°F (-50°C to 300°C)

Immersion Probe

Immersion K-Type thermocouple probe with male mini connector; 6" x 0.11" (152mm x 2.8mm) diameter shaft; Non-coiled cord 40" (1m) long with 0.15" (3.8mm) diameter PVC jacket; Handle length 5.25" (133mm); Handle diameter 0.6" (15mm); Probe tip temperature range -58°F to 752°F (-50°C to 400°C); Probe is suitable for measuring the temperature of liquids using the Spot-Check Temps mode of Temp-Taker® 3 handheld unit.



Custom Software

An ITD Food Safety technical specialist configures the Temp-Taker® 3 software application to exactly fit the needs of your organization and generates a Windows custom software installer; Customer just needs to run the installer and the application installs with all settings customized
$250.00 & up

Call for custom pricing

Sanitizing Tube

Facilitates probe sanitation between food temperature measurements; Plastic tube 5¼" (133mm) long with ⅝" (16mm) diameter; Screw cap has 0.18" (4.6mm) hole and integrated rubber washer that acts as a squeegee when a penetration probe is pulled out of the tube filled with sanitizing liquid; Integrated clip and reinforcing rubber band allow the sanitizing tube to be clipped onto the side of a Temp-Taker® 3 handheld unit during use.


NOTE: The sanitizing-tube clip holder feature of the Temp-Taker® handheld unit is designed to retain the tube in place even during the application of a moderate pulling force; Twisting the tube slightly while pulling it out allows the clip to be removed.

TIP: Always wipe the probe shaft before inserting it into the sanitizing tube; Clean the inside of the tube at the end of each shift and fill it with an approved sanitizing solution at the beginning of each shift.


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