Did Amy remember to temp the sandwich line?

Temp-Taker reminded her.

Temp-Taker is an intelligent temperature and checklist management device specifically designed to help food service operators streamline their HACCP plans.
  • It's fast! You can record temperatures in about 1/3 of the time compared to handwriting.
  • This represents an average savings of about 6 hours a week (i.e. $2,500 a year at $8/hour) making Temp-Taker™ a smart investment that quickly pays for itself.
  • It enhances food safety by minimizing human error and identifying workers that engage in unsafe practices.
  • It generates clear, detailed records that are electronically accessible and well organized.
  • It allows you to go paperless and save on supplies.
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Food Temp Made Easy

Temp-Taker Solutions

Temp-Taker Kit

  • Temp-Taker™ handheld unit
  • NEW Temperature Probe
  • NEW Temp-Taker™ 4 Software
  • Power adapter/Power cord USB cord/Quick-Start Guide
  • AUTO Temperature Reporting - With NO monthly fees!
  • NEW Enhanced Checklist Management - Load your own questions (up to 2,000)!
  • NEW Auto Temp Feature - Take your temperatures without touching a button!
  • Rugged drop-proof Design
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Reasons to choose Temp-Taker
HACCP support features
Virtually all data logging thermometers allow you to measure and digitally record the temperature of food items, coolers, dish machines, etc. Temp-Taker greatly distinguishes itself in that it provides support for 5 different documentation processes/practices used in HACCP: Hot/Cold Holding, Cooking, Cooling, Time In Lieu of Temperature (TILT), and Question Checklists. A Program is put together with the software application and then downloaded to the device where it guides the user through the required activity while enforcing critical control points.

Automatic alarm features
Temp-Taker alarms use a loud buzzer and bright 3-color LED to alert the user when action needs to be performed – such as:
  • Taking temps at the scheduled times
  • Following through on corrective action for food that failed to hold a safe temperature
  • Taking periodic temperatures of food undergoing the cooling process
  • Discarding food when its TILT period expires
Temp-Taker also has 3 independent general timers with an optional auto-reset feature. Having automatic alarms and timers integrated into your digital thermometer helps reduce food waste and ensure your customer’s safety.

Question checklists
An integrated question checklist feature allows management to create their own set of questions (related to maintenance, safety procedures, etc.) to be answered by staff on the handheld device during their daily operation. Undesired answers are flagged in red on generated reports. Questions are not limited to simple Yes/No answers. Up to 10 different custom answers may be created for each question! Also, comments can be added via the software application after data is uploaded from the device.

Protect your customers!
Temp-Taker is equipped with False Measurement Detection. The device detects when the user inserts the probe tip into a food product and proceeds to ‘take the temp’ of 2 or more different items without removing the probe from the original product. The device can also monitor the elapsed time between each measurement to help supervisors identify workers that don’t clean the probe shaft between each measurement thereby risking cross-contamination. These smart-monitoring features work silently behind the scene to help protect your customers against food-borne illness.

Advanced reporting features
  • Show/hide and reorder up to 18 different columns of data
  • Apply multiple data filters
  • Automatically group together related events (even when other events are logged within the same time frame)
  • Print or export your reports to PDF, CSV, or XML
  • Save up to 20 different custom report configurations (i.e. templates); To generate a customized report, simply recall a template then print/export
  • Customize display options, including temperature resolution and units, date/time format, start of fiscal week, and the font color applied to each event type

Headquarter control
Temp-Taker includes an Auto-Import Settings feature that allows organizations with multiple locations (e.g. a restaurant chain or school district) to remotely update Temp-Taker device settings in every location with no monthly service charges!

Likewise, Temp-Taker’s Auto-Report feature allows satellite locations to automatically send temperature data reports to a central location on your local network or cloud storage with no monthly fees!

Security features
Temp-Taker has various security features that can be enabled as needed. For example, you can restrict access to the software application by requiring a 4-digit user PIN when logging in. On the handheld device, you can require workers to log in with a PIN when ‘taking temps’, request a Supervisor PIN when certain Corrective Options are applied (e.g. discarding food) or gaining access to certain device settings (e.g. calibrating the probe).

Technical Specification

  • Probe: Comes with a high-quality, FDA-recommended, fast-response, penetration probe; 4" x 0.125" diameter shaft reducing to 0.059" (1.5mm) near the tip; accepts any K-Type thermocouple temperature probe with standard mini connector
  • Range: -310°F to 770°F (-190°C to 410°C)
  • Thermometer Accuracy: ±1.0°F (±0.56°C)
  • Units: °F or °C (user selectable)
  • Resolution: 1°, 0.1°, or 0.01° (user selectable)
  • Device Memory Capacity: 2,000 food items, 250 users, and at least 6,000 events
  • LCD: 2.8" monochrome graphic with 128 x 64 pixels
  • Computer Software OS compatibility: Windows XP or later
  • Computer Connection: USB 2.0 (cable included)
  • Data Transfer Speed: 125,000 Baud
  • Batteries: Requires 2 AA (1.5V); Accepts 4 AA (included) for extended battery life
  • Software installs with default HACCP Temp-Taking program and control points
  • One year warranty on unit and 90-day warranty on probe

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