Temp-Taker® FAQs

How do I know if my computer is running the latest Temp-Taker software?

The latest software version is 3.7.0. You can check the version number you are currently running by clicking the Help button on the left vertical toolbar of the Temp-Taker application. NOTE: If you are running version 3.5 or later, the software application automatically checks for updates via the Internet every time the application is started. If you are running a version prior to 3.5, then you will need to manually download and install the latest update. The latest version is available for all Temp-Taker 3 users to download free of charge. For more information see the page Temp-Taker 3- Updating the Software.

How do I know if my handheld devices are running the latest firmware?

The Temp-Taker software application includes the latest device firmware code available at the time of release. Every time the software establishes a connection with a device via USB it checks to see if it is running the correct firmware version. If the device firmware code included in the software is newer than the one running in the connected device, the application will offer to perform a firmware update. Therefore, maintaining your Temp-Taker software up-to-date will automatically provide you with the latest firmware for your handheld devices. No separate utility or download is required.

If I update my Temp-Taker 3 software to the latest version, would I lose my data and settings?

No. Much care has been taken in maintaining backward compatibility with all Temp-Taker 3 releases. This means that new versions will always preserve your previous settings even when new features and enhancements have been added. There is never a need to worry about losing data, settings, or functionality when updating the software.

After adding a new Item to the Items tab (or Question to the Questions tab) why don't I see it in the device?

Before any items that have been added to the Take Temps → Items tab load to your device, they must also be added (directly or indirectly) to a Program that is set to load. The same situation may arise when adding a new question to the Take Temps → Questions tab. The new question must also be added (directly or indirectly) to a Program that is set to load before it will download to the device. If you need more direction on this, see Section 10.11.3 in the Temp-Taker 3 User Manual.

I inadvertently uninstalled my old Temp-Taker software and lost my data and settings. Is there any way to recover this information?

Yes. The Temp-Taker software application maintains a backup of the database (containing all data and settings) which is preserved when the software is uninstalled. This backup can be used to restore your data and settings. See the first NOTE in Appendix 10.9 of the Temp-Taker 3 User Manual for more information.

My display reads upside down. How did this happen and how do I flip it back right-side up?

The device is capable of flipping its display upside down so that it can be used with a non-cabled probe for one-handed temp-taking; this means the user provides input to the device and manipulates the probe with the same hand. Someone inadvertently flipped the display upside down by pressing the UP/DOWN buttons simultaneously while on the Main Menu. To flip it back to normal, press the UP/DOWN buttons simultaneously again while on the Main Menu. See Appendix 10.3 in the Temp-Taker 3 User Manual for more information.

What is the maximum number of members that can be entered into a Program?

Up to 40 members can be assigned to each Program. For more information on system maximums see Appendix 10.2 in the Temp-Taker 3 User Manual.

We just put into place a new Windows machine replacing an older one used with Temp-Taker 3. Is there any way I could transfer my data and settings to the new machine?

Yes. The Temp-Taker software application stores all data and settings in a database file named TT3Database.sdf. If the current PC or tablet running the Temp-Taker software is going to be replaced, the existing database file from the old machine should be copied over to the new machine when it is placed into service. This will preserve all stored data, and will also replicate your current Temp-Taker settings on the new machine. Make sure you replace the database file on the new machine BEFORE connecting any device to it. See Appendix 10.8 in the Temp-Taker 3 User Manual for more information.

I use the computer in my office to make Program and User changes to Temp-Taker and I have another computer outside my office that is used by staff to upload Temp-Taker data. Is there any way to prevent data from inadvertently uploading to the computer in my office?

Yes. The Temp-Taker software application has a setting that prevents any device-generated data from uploading to the computer. See Section 6.4 Station Functionality in the Temp-Taker 3 User Manual for information on how to do this.

For how long does the Temp-Taker software store device-generated data?

The application's database stores data for up to two full calendar years plus the current year in course. Also, before purging old data from the database, the raw data is exported to an XML file that is saved in a folder named Archived_Data. This folder and the archived files it contains are never deleted by the application thereby potentially preserving old data indefinitely. See Appendix 10.9 in the Temp-Taker 3 User Manual for more information.