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Temp-Taker 3

Feature Details

1. Lightning-Fast Temperature Measurements - combines a fast-response probe with a proprietary predictive algorithm and product-temperature stability detection to quickly and accurately establish the temperature of food items
2.Powerful set of easy-to-use software tools that make the system adaptable to customer's unique operations
3. Highly customizable Safe-Temperature Zones and Corrective Options - create your own user directives when item temperatures are out of range and (if desired) require a supervisor's PIN for certain corrective actions (such as discarding food)
4. Insufficient-Time Notifications (ITNs) - supervisors specify the minimum time that should elapse between in-range temperatures; Temp-Taker 3.1 automatically flags temperature measurements that don’t satisfy this time requirement (i.e. are taken too quickly one after the other); this feature helps identify workers that don’t follow established policy (e.g. wiping the probe after each measurement)
5. False-Measurement Detection (FMD) - identifies and flags measurement falsification; FMD and ITNs work together as a powerful monitoring system that alerts supervisors of personnel not following procedure
6. Customizable HACCP question checklists - create your own yes/no questions; staff answer questions on the handheld device, automatically creating a date/time stamp for each answer
7. Automates Time in Lieu of Temperature and Time as Public Health Control policies
8. Device may be configured for user log-in using 4-digit PINs (Personal Identification Numbers)
9. Flexible Alarm Features - device can be configured to activate an alarm when it’s time to take food temperatures or when it’s time to log the result of a corrective action
10. Excellent audio/visual alarm indication - a loud buzzer and bright 3-color LED draw attention
11. Three independent countdown or count-up timers
12. Large temperature-reading display; Spot-Check Temps mode also displays maximum, average, and minimum temperature statistics; simply pressing the CENTER key toggles statistics on/off

13. Precision electronics and probe calibration feature -at the heart of the Temp-Taker 3.1 device is Texas Instruments’ ADS1247, a precision delta-sigma (ΔΣ) 24-Bit analog-to-digital converter that exhibits very low long-term drift in accuracy -Texas Insturments details; despite the best electronics, however, all thermocouple-based thermometers experience a gradual drift in accuracy due to changes that occur over time to the thermo-electric properties of the wire junction located at the tip of the probe; Temp-Taker 3.1 provides an easy-to-use probe calibration feature to compensate for these changes or to calibrate a new probe

14. Automatic logging of up to 17 different parameters with every measurement event (e.g. User Name, Date, Time, Food Item, Equipment, Temperature Reading, and Corrective Action Taken)
15. Fast device scrolling through long lists by holding down a directional key; jump from first to last item in a list with one key press

16. Included software provides easy and intuitive setup (with recently enhanced calendar interface); offers a highly customizable and filterable data viewer with a powerful ‘Group Related Events’ feature; prints custom reports; exports data to Excel; generates PDF files; provides configurable security features (e.g. log-in PINs, three levels of security access, the capability to designate software as a ‘Read Only’ station, and a separate log of security-type events); command-line tools that can be used to automate pushing down system setup changes to multiple locations and pulling up generated data from multiple locations

17. Automatic data upload feature - just connect the USB cable and data is uploaded from the device and displayed automatically on your computer
18. Custom ergonomic enclosure design provides comfortable operation (even for small hands)
19. Integrated magnets and wall mounting features provide a wide range of storage and mounting options
20. Integrated probe-storage compartment securely and safely stows away the probe when not in use
21. Integrated compartment for probe connector protects the physical connection between probe and unit
22. Highly rugged and splash resistant design - drop tested on concrete from height of 6 feet
23. A flip screen up-side-down feature that may be used with a non-cabled probe for one-handed temp taking; Note: pressing UP/DOWN keys simultaneously toggles screen orientation; non-cabled probe sold separately.

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