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Temp-Taker 3

Detailed Overview

Temp-Taker™ 3.1 simplifies the automation of any HACCP temperature plan. The Temp-Taker 3 system delivers lightning-fast temperature measurements and an array of customizable options for measuring, correcting, recording, and displaying food temperatures.  The handheld unit offers the most functionality and flexibility of any electronic temperature logging device in the industry!  Features include False Measurement Detection, customizable HACCP question checklists, user log-in PINs, audio/visual alarm indicators, and much more.  We invite you to evaluate Temp-Taker 3.1 and are confident you will be impressed by its simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility.

The one-of-a-kind ‘False Measurement Detection’ (FMD) feature enhances food safety by alerting supervisors of personnel that falsify their food temperature measurements. FMD employs a proprietary probe-temperature monitoring algorithm that works in the background identifying and flagging measurement falsification events.  Call us to arrange for a demonstration!  Temp-Taker 3.1 is the first electronic thermometer on the market to include an integrated HACCP question checklist.  This feature allows management to enter their own set of questions (related to maintenance, food safety procedures, etc.) to be answered by staff on the handheld device during their daily operation.  Do your workers sometimes forget to take food temperatures?  The device can be easily configured to activate an alarm when it’s time to take temperatures and when it’s time to log the result of a corrective action.  The alarm utilizes a loud buzzer and bright 3-color LED to draw attention even in busy/noisy environments.  Also included in Temp-Taker 3.1 is new support for Time in Lieu of Temperature (TILT), also known as Time as a Public Health Control (TPHC).  Customers that implement a TILT or TPHC policy can now easily automate this process with the Temp-Taker 3.1 system.

The handheld’s large memory and efficient data-storage algorithms can store 2,000 different food items and still have the capacity to save more than 6,000 temperature, checklist, and security events before needing to upload the data to a computer.  It also maintains valuable statistical information to help supervisors monitor worker activity.  Combine all of this with a user-friendly interface and a one-step process for uploading temperatures to your computer and you have the most capable electronic handheld HACCP device available on the market.

The completely re-designed computer software includes an easy-to-use interface that ensures a quick and intuitive setup.  If your organization performs cyclic changes to its food menu, you’ll love the Calendar Programs interface that has been recently enhanced to simplify the maintenance of a cyclic-occurring food menu.  The software also includes features that allow management to configure the handheld device with only the functionality that it deems necessary.  This simplifies the use of the product and saves time when training new workers. 

The software also offers a highly customizable and filterable data viewer (including a powerful ‘Group Related Events’ feature) displaying up to 17 different event parameters that can be printed in custom reports, saved in PDF format, or exported to Excel.  We’ve also included the command-line tools AutoImport.exe and AutoExport.exe that can be used by your IT staff to automate the pushing down of system setup changes to multiple locations and the pulling up of generated data from multiple locations.  The big advantage these tools offer over a cloud-based service is that they allow you to set up your own centrally-located control and reporting system without the need to pay monthly fees.  Temp-Taker 3.1 arrives ready to use with common default food-industry settings, or it can be customized to perfectly fit even the most sophisticated requirements.

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