HACCP Compliant Products at ITD Food Safety

Food safety is the most important thing you can do in your establishment in order to protect consumers and employees. Bad customer service may slow your business down and hiring new talent is an easy solution but food-borne illnesses will shut your doors forever. The best defense against contamination requires establishing a plan and sticking with it. Make sure your employees are following protocols for personal hygiene.

Fight cross contamination by keeping utensils clean, cutting boards separated, and never chopping fresh items alongside meats. And always monitor temperature to make sure the temps you see are within the bounds of HACCP approved critical limits. ITD Food Safety can assist you on your quest to provide the safest foods possible. Here are two the products we have created that can do just that.

Temp-Taker HACCP Digital Food Temperature Thermometer

This incredible device allows the user to set multiple parameters, allows for full customization, sends data electronically, makes sure your temperature recordings are accurate, and so much more.


Just like the name says, the Prep-Pal is your best friend when it comes to food prep and labeling. Eliminate messy handwritten labels and records. Store employee names, shelf lives, and prep lists. This tool will easily print out 51 labels per minute saving you time and money and eliminating the guesswork and potential for human error.

We know you take pride in the foods that are prepared and served in your restaurant or establishment. We also know how challenging this can be and that is why ITD Food Safety HACCP compliant products are the absolute best solution to your needs. Contact us today for information. We look forward to the opportunity to work alongside you.