Holiday Food Safety at Home: Keep It Clean

Christmas time is here! This celebratory season is one where families gather together around the kitchen table and partake in delicious home cooked meals. Parties abound and there is always food just around the corner. ITD Food Safety makes products for the food industry that help businesses ensure the food they serve is free from food-borne illness and that food preparation and storage is on point.

Our Temp-Taker 3 Digital HACCP thermometer and Prep-Pal Automated Food Rotation Manager leaves no doubt that all foods are properly labeled and in compliance with HACCP standards. We know you don’t use our products at home but that doesn’t mean we aren’t invested in safe food preparation on a smaller scale. Here are a few tips from us to assist you in your food preparation and keep you and your loved ones safe from contamination this season.

Stay Clean

Before beginning any food preparation, make sure your hands are clean! Proper hand washing by anyone who will be handling food is essential. Start every food preparation session by thoroughly washing up. When preparing food, wash your hands when you come in contact with raw meats and eggs. If you happen to come in contact with a sick individual while prepping, wash again. If you cough or blow your nose, wash up!

Keep Prepping Stations Clean

Clean surfaces prevent the spread of bacteria. Make sure your counters and stovetops are clean before you begin working.

Wash Up the Veggies and Fruit

Make sure your fruits and vegetables are clean before you start dicing away. If you see any bruised markings, remove them. Place the produce under running water and if you are chopping a firmer fruits and vegetables such as cantaloupe be sure to scrub it first. Bacteria can live on the skin and even though you may not be eating it the bacteria can spread to the edible portions. After you have thoroughly cleaned the items, use a paper towel to dry off your produce. Now you are ready to work!