Stop Salmonella In Its Tracks: 3 Powerful Steps

Food safety is essential. Accuracy in food preparation is vital for the health of consumers and in preventing the spread of food borne illnesses. According to the CDC 1 in every 6 people contract a food borne illness each year and while the statistics for E. coli contamination show that its occurrence is slowing down, cases involving salmonella are not.

Symptoms of salmonella begin to surface 12 to 72 hours after exposure. Diarrhea, vomiting, fever, bloody stools, and cramping are all signs of food poisoning. If you notice any of these call your doctor immediately. While the duration of symptoms tends to last no more than 7 days, salmonella poisoning can have lasting effects so having a proper diagnosis is key. Infants and the elderly are especially vulnerable but persons of all ages are at risk.

While there are many factors beyond our control contributing to the spread of salmonella, there are strategic things you can do to protect your employees and customers.

Wash Your Hands

This absolutely cannot be stated enough. Wash up before food prep. Wash up after touching your eyes, nose, mouth, or using the restroom. Salmonella is easily spread through fecal matter so do yourself and everyone else a favor and stay clean.

Separate Food

Keep raw meats and eggs separate from everything else.

Temperature Accuracy

Our Temp-Taker 3 HACCP Digital Temperature Thermometer is the best resource for commercial kitchens. Take accurate recordings of the foods you are serving lightning fast. If the temps you record are not within a designated healthy range then you know it as at risk.