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The Temp-Taker® 5
Now Wireless

Temp-Taker® is an intelligent temperature and checklist device specifically designed to streamline your HACCP plans.

  • Hot Holding, Cold Holding
  • Cooking Temps, Reheat Temps
  • Cooling Temps, Cooler/Freezer Temps
  • Ice Bath Temps, Receiving Temps/Dry Storage
  • Dish Machine, Corrective Actions/Alerts
  • Auto Temps & Auto Reports, Opening/Closing Checklists
  • HACCP Checklists & More

Auto Temp Feature

Take your temperatures without touching a button!

Temp-Taker Kits

Temp-Taker Report Samples

Temp-Taker generates clear, detailed records that are electronically accessible and well organized. New Enhanced Checklist Management – load your own questions – up to 2,000. Email, print and save reports with ease

The Temp-Taker® 5 Videos

Prep-Pal Labels

Parts / Accessories

Tech Support


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