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Temp-Taker 6

Temp-Taker 6®

Automating HACCP Plans since 2006

Temp-Taker 6 takes HACCP management to a whole new level by enhancing food safety while minimizing human errors. Wireless Bluetooth technology delivers the results instantly and generates clear, detailed records that are electronically accessible and completely organized. Now is the time to stop handwriting temp logs and checklists with Temp-Taker 6.

Automated Food Safety Solutions:

  • Hot/Cold Holding
  • Cooking/Cooling/Reheating Temps
  • Corrective Actions for out of Range Temps
  • Checklists
  • Time in Leu of Temps/Time as Public Health control
  • Digital Timers
Temp-Taker 6

Temp-Taker 6 Add Ons

Temp-Taker Flexible Arm

Temp-Taker Flexible Arm

Articulated arm mounts anywhere and securely clamps your Temp-Taker unit for hands-free operation in any direction.

Probe Wipes

Temp-Taker Probe Wipes

Keep your Temp-Taker probe sanitized and clean using our Probe Wipes. Designed for all Temp-Taker probes.

Temp-Taker Magnetic Home Base

11″x13″ Magnetic Wall for Temp-Taker, Hold multiple Temp-Takers

Temp-Taker Rubber Boot

Temp-Taker Rubber Boot

Protect your Handheld Temp-Taker device with our new Rubber glove. Operate the Temp-Taker with One Hand.

Temp-Taker Data Report

Temp-Taker 6

Temp-Taker 6

Temp-Taker Report Samples

Temp-Taker generates clear, detailed records that are electronically accessible and well organized. New Enhanced Checklist Management – load your own questions – up to 2,000. Email, print and save reports with ease

Temp-Taker Videos


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